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Such a cute story

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The story of Will and Nora is such a roller coaster of emotions and I loved every second of it. Each character feels fully flushed out and placed very well in the story along with their past and why they have to do a tip toe kind of thing with their mutual feelings for each other. You come to love every character and all the weird traits they have by the end of the book because of the journey you go on with them.
The writing was very well done although I didn’t like how in Nora’s chapters when she would think of something, which happened a lot, the author always used parentheses. To me it felt like I was being taken out of the moment for a little one worded thought. Other than that the writing was amazing and the characters held my attention and I finished this book much faster than I wanted to.
The cover was what drew me to the book in the first place it’s simple and cute!