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Slow-burn romance

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Although I couldn't get into Love Lettering, the novel released before Love at First, I loved this one. Nora wants to try to sabotage Will's plans to turn her apartment building into short-term housing, and Will is trying to do his work and get out of the building and back to his life before his uncle whom he never knew left him the apartment building. Nora and Will go from frenemies to lovers. This isn't just Nora and Will's relationship though, it's also about dealing with grief, and the importance of community. I love all the quirky side characters in the apartment, and how they fit into a little community/found family. The writing was so cozy, and although it was a slow-burn romance I believed it had paid off in the end. I will definitely try to get to Clayborn's backlist after reading this. Thank you to BookishFirst/Kensington Books for the ARC!