Romance at Its Finest

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Kate Clayborn has a unique style of writing. Her fast paced novel, Love at First, offers the traditional romance novel plot that is relevant to today's issues.

The story of Nora Clarke and Will Sterling starts off with the age old "Love at First Sight". Boy meets girl - issues come between them - then happiness prevails. This is how the novel seems to be. However, as a romance story it allows the reader to fall in love with both characters.

Will and Nora have a chance meeting but then each goes on with their own lives. They are brought back together by Will's inheritance of a building. Now Will is a career driven doctor that does not have time to deal with this unexpected addition to his portfolio.

Nora is a sweet but not innocent character that can not be easily swayed by a handsome stranger. Her fierce devotion to her grandmother and the building she loves is admirable.

The characters' interactions show the author's ability to illustrate passion and chemistry even though tensions are in high force.