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I really enjoyed it

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I really enjoyed this book. I caught myself smiling at many parts. I love Will and Nora's love story and how it builds up from Will's initial crush in the past. The story starts with Will and his mom visit his uncle when a serious situation arises in his family. Will's seems to reject him and his mom. Flashfoward, Will is now a doctor who has no family members. He finds out that his uncle gave him the apartment on his will. Will checks out the apartment to only find a weird group of neighbors who have a "community only" complex. The neighbors also don't like him because of his rude manner. Due to this Will decides sell his apartment, however he can't due that because the his uncle's will says that he has to have the apartment for a year. He then decides to rent his apartment. However, things don't go as planned when neighbors begin to intervene and his old crush Nora is the apartment manager. From there we get to see Will and Nora's love story unfold.