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charming Chicago love story

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Kate Clayborn is definitely on my auto-read author list now. After loving last year's Love Lettering, I eagerly anticipated Love at First and it did not disappoint. Whereas in Love Letting the author really made the city a character, in this one, the unassuming apartment building and its inhabitants are integral to the story, and I really loved them. Maybe it's the element of knowing places like this and their Midwest-niceness, where people really do know and care for each other and the smallness of a community like that within a bigger city. I very much so enjoyed Will and Nora's love story, and the ways they were able to see and work with each other's wounds and find each other. The encouragement of those around them, even those like Will's gruff, older doctor mentor, made it so sweet as they found family with them. With a word perfect ending to the story, this was a definite winner.