Amazing and Enticing from Page One

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Will is a teen boy when he “meets” Nora outside of his uncle’s apartment. He is miserable because of what happened inside the apartment, but he is enchanted by the voice of the girl on the third floor balcony. The humor in the scene was obvious as Will needed glasses and couldn’t see her clearly. The comparison to the Romeo and Juliet scene was totally in the back of my mind the entire time I read this part! Only this scene is much more entertaining, with Nora throwing tomatoes at Will. Fast forward almost two decades and Will is a physician who has inherited his uncle’s apartment, even though he wants no part of it. Going outside again, this time at 4:00 a.m., once again he sees a young woman on the balcony. He is flabbergasted and wonders if it’s possible that this is the same young woman with whom he was instantly enamored previously. This meeting, it’s Nora who is enchanted by Will. This is like a boy meets girl story with twists and humor that make it totally enticing. I want to find out what happens with Will and Nora. Will he decide to fix up the apartment building and rent it or is he determined to sell it? Will Nora have anything to say about his decision? And most importantly, when will they meet face to face, where they can really see each other. This first impression is such a tease...but in a totally good way!