A Short Encounter That Was Never Forgotten

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This book has the same old trope. A boy sees a girl, she can’t see him, but from the moment he lays eyes on her, even without saying a word, he knows she is different than all the others. I think that it’s a bit cringey and I just roll my eyes because it not realistic at all. And of course, years later he still remembers her even from that brief encounter. Can I even say encounter? They didn’t meet so maybe, sighting? Anyway, even though I am getting a little sick of this trope I have to say the book so far was interesting. The situation that got him to see her on the balcony had me engaged because you don’t know all the information, so it makes the reader want to read to figure it out. And even though it’s not the major plot in the story, his mom taking him to his uncles he has never met, I think it is a good way to start the book. I also like that this book also has some funny elements. Not laugh out loud funny but so bizarre and the way the author presents it, that when I picture it, I can’t help but chuckle a little. I also really like the writing style of the book. The word choices used are different then the words most authors would use which gives this book its own unique characteristic.

The cover, it’s nothing special or totally unique but I like it for the type of book it is. I like that even though the cover is a bright color the shade chosen isn’t slap in the face bright. I think it is perfect to portray the element of love. A bit weird to have those floating hearts and I could do without them, but I like the clip art style city with the one building standing out from all the others. I am glad that the cover has significance to the plot of the story.