Very well thought out plot

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This is my first ever book by this author and I plan on looking more of his work. Let me start off with the appeal if the book itself. I love the cover, with its darker, fall vibe. It really sets with the theme of a small town. It looks like the road on the cover is leading you to a town where wealth rules everything. I like the heaviness and textured feeling of cardstock for the cover. I dont just love books, when I get them I feel the pages, I look under covers, smell the pages etc. So the appearance and feel of this book is 5/5. The plot was really good, I kept thinking to myself that I could see where the plot was heading, that I could tell who done what, until surprise!! Turns out I didn't know much. I usuallynsh6 away from books written in more than two different point of views, but this was done right. Each point of view kinked together to show you a flowing story. It wasn't choppy or confusing. This plot was well thought out and I was invested in the characters. The ending I am unsure about just because I like solid endings. I dont know if this is the end or if more is coming. Either way, I plan on finding out.