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With a little bit of mystery and a lot of alcohol-clouded he-said-she-said, Locust Lane was busy, but not deep. You learn quickly that Eden Perry is dead and spend the rest of the book reading from various points of view as members of a wealthy Boston suburb determine who is guilty, even though they have already decided who to pin the blame on.

Life is intersectional, and while I appreciate books that reflect on multiple social categories, etc Locust Lane felt spread thin over an array of social systems. This lack of depth made it difficult to root for any one character, and the fate of the “guilty” felt sealed early on. Call me an idealist, but I love a book where the guilty get what’s coming to them, and there is justice for the innocent. Locust Lane is not that, but it was entertaining and easy to read. Also, whatever happened to the dog?

Many thanks due to BookishFirst for sending a copy my way. #BookishFirst @BookishFirst #LocustLaneBook @CeladonBooks