Locust Lane Review

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*Received this audiobook for free from netgalley for honest review* First off i want to say i really loved this cover! As soon as i saw it i knew i wanted to read this book and was super excited when i found out it was a thriller and even more excited when i actually read the description! I would recommend this book for sure, very good read that was hard to put down, would be perfect for a snowy day lol

The book itself did take a while to get into it, which i was kinda surprised about because i was looking forward to read this book lol but i did finally get into it and then it was just impossible to put down! luckily i had the audiobook or i woiuld have gotten nothing done for the rest of the day until i finished the book lmao I think i would reread it but i'd rather see it as a show bc i know how it will end now. Overall very good read and i really enjoyed it. four stars.