Intriguing, Gripping Mystery

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I really enjoyed this book!! I went into it thinking it was going to be more of a fast-paced mystery/thriller, but it was much more in the vain of Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng where there's some mystery, but the story revolves around the town and characters and how they react to the news the mystery provides. Once I shifted my genre expectation, I enjoyed it a lot more and it was really fun and easy to read! The characters were all super engaging and fascinating to read about and it was incredible how easily my opinions could shift on each character depending on who was talking about them! It made for a very trust no one, question everything scenario that set up a good mystery and story. The prose was pretty smooth, though there were a few word choices that felt a little odd for this genre, but overall it was solid. I really loved reading and I would definitely recommend and read more from this author!!