Great thriller

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Stephen Amidon like big words- you may need a a thesaurus. This book comes in at around 300 pages, but there were at least 50 words that I had to assume or look up to find out what they meant. Who knew a thriller could teach me so much!

Overall, this psychological thriller was a great read. I love the characters in the storyline, they kept me turning Pages, the story is based on a small town where everybody seems to know each other, and each other’s kids. But the kids get in trouble, which causes the parents to get involved. With each page I read, the story and plot thickened. As a reader, I felt terrible for the family of the girl who was murdered, and even more awful for the innocent children that were blamed. The storyline will definitely keep the reader involved. Just when you think you’ve got the whole thing figured out- BAM, another plot twist. Some of the characters I initially disliked, were my favorites by the end of the book. I absolutely hated the way it ended.