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I was excited to win a copy of Locust Lane by Stephen Amidon after reading the sample chapters through Bookishfirst. I knew that I was getting into a mystery/thriller and they are not always my cup-of-tea. I liked parts of this. the characters and the plot seemed plausible and it was fun to get into, but the mystery itself plus the multiple characters felt bogged down. I kept forgetting who was who and they didn't really feel like individual characters. There wasn't anyone that I grew particularly fond of so that made it hard to keep them straight as well. Don't get me wrong, this was fun, but it just wasn't the easiest to follow and would lose my attention if I wasn't ready to really investigate. Not a book to read when your tired/lying in bed. The ending was also rather 'meh'. This is a lot to get through to have such a mediocre ending that just didn't feel like closure.