Emotionally Charged Thriller

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When Eden is murdered, one of the teenagers hanging out with her that night had to be the killer. The book is told through the parent's POV along with two other narrators, Eden's mom Danielle and Patrick, who saw something the night of the crime.

I'm honestly getting a bit sick of incredibly rich people thriller tropes, but this one did have some redeeming qualities. I loved Danielle and Patrick's characters, and I was the most interested in their parts of the story and how they dealt with the grief after losing someone. Danielle was the most real and relatable character for me. I think I personally would have liked it more if all of the families had been more normal and relatable.

The rest of it was like several thrillers I've read before, and it was predictable. I figured out who the culprit was within the first third of the book. It was a quick read that can easily be read in a day or two.

If you enjoy the bad things happening to rich people trope, you will probably like this one more than I did. Overall, it's a decent thriller but not something that will be memorable for me.