Drama and mystery in a small town

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This book is Mystic River meets Desperate Housewives. It focuses on the murder of a teenager in a small town and finding her killer. Her last living moments were spent with three local teens making them all suspects. There are several POVs in the book, most of them being from the local teens’ parents.

I will say this book will draw you in right from the prologue! It does slow a bit as the other POVs are being introduced, but then it becomes pretty hard to put this one down. It’s gripping and will keep pushing you through each chapter to figure out the truth in the end. It’s full of surprises and will keep you guessing until the last chapter. I was surprised with the ending, but it also felt pretty real for how the legal system sometimes works.

If you loved Mystic River by Dennis Lehane, then I highly recommend Locust Lane. It’s got drama, mystery, and suspense.