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This is one of those stories that really trips you up. You get lost in the mystery of trying to find a murderer, become so sure you know who the murderer is, but in the end its someone you never suspect. This book dives into the wealth of suburbia where people have dark secrets behind their perfect life facades. Money and prestige speaks volumes, and if you're below that then you really don't matter. When Eden gets murdered, Christopher automatically gets blamed. There were two other people there that night. Jack and Hannah, who both come from wealthy families, have parents who can afford to pay for silence, and will do anything to protect their kids. Christopher, being low on the totem pole doesn't stand a chance. These families are full of secrets, lies, scandals, affairs, and murderous intentions. It makes you ask yourself the question of how far would you go to protect your child? Stephen Amidon did a wonderful job writing this book. He keeps you engaged, and makes you second guess everything you think you have figured out. While I loved Stephen's writing, I did not like the outcome of the story. Perhaps that's his intention. It did have that Mystic River feel to it. Sometimes we as readers don't always get the endings to books that we want, but that's what makes this story brilliant in a way. If we are being honest, Christopher's situation probably happens more often than anyone cares to admit. While I wish the story had the ending that I wanted, I'm glad the author wrote it this way. Some books you read, and you go on. You're done. This one will stick with me. I would have liked to know what Alice wrote to Danielle at the end, and what would have happened next.