Absolutely enraging!!!!

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I think I would have thrown this book if it wasn’t on my kindle and therefore breakable. That being said, I don’t throw books that I feel indifferent about, so be prepared to get RILED. The characters are like 90% unlikeable (which is not a bad thing - a lot of people in real life are too 😂), so keep that in mind if you need a relatable and reliable narrator. The ending was infuriating and that’s all I’ll say about that 😌

Anyone could tell you that the rich and powerful will protect the rich and powerful. Those who fall into that category may do well to remember that the protection is not a right they’ve earned.

When Eden Perry turns up dead in the affluent suburb near her childhood home, it sends ripples through the community. When the three last people to see her were a trio of high school students with just enough secrets to make them suspects, the ripples turn to shockwaves that will take out anything in their path.

For Hannah, her bitter history may poison her optimistic future. For Jack, his arrogance may topple his inherited opportunities. And for Christopher, his desperation to be seen as an equal may overshadow his hard-earned successes.

But when the scales start tipping, their parents are willing to do whatever it takes to protect what’s theirs - no matter who they destroy in the process.

(TW: m*rder, SA, self-harm, dr*g use)