A Good Thriller

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Locust Lane was an interesting domestic thriller. There were a lot of characters so it was really a good whodunit style story. It reminded me of Big Little Lies where so many people were intertwined and there was a lot of gossip going around so you really didn't know who you could trust.
I liked that this one made the parents and the students all main characters. It was refreshing seeing some of the teenagers standing up for themselves when they had parents that were forcing them to be ivy league kids or professional athletes. But it definitely put a strain on a lot of the relationships. I was pretty sure I had it figured out but there were some twists and reasons why some things happened that I did not see coming.
I also listened to the audio and the narrator was good. There was leading and foreshadowing that bad things were going to happen and some of the characters, you just wanted to tell them to stop making back decisions.