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I can't remember the last time I read a book that I would consider entirely flawless, but Little Thieves is exactly that.

Seriously, I have no notes.

The story is compelling and moves along at a relatively fast clip. Although this book appears lengthy, the story flew by and never dragged once. There was always something new and exciting taking place, so it never felt daunting to continue. I loved all the subtle details of Owen's germanic-inspired world. The descriptions of food and architecture were especially vivid. I love that Owen chose to craft this very traditional feeling world around so much casual queerness. That's such a special thing to find, especially for those of us who never felt represented in the fairy tales of our childhood.

But what really makes this story a great success is the fantastic cast of characters. Every character experiences measurable growth throughout the story - from the sharp antihero who learns to be vulnerable to the demigod who learns what it is to love. Several characters grow in ways that involve overcoming serious trauma or learning coping skills for mental health challenges. Owen tackles these topics head on, managing to balance stark honesty with tact in a really masterful way. Every character in this book is on a journey, some more dire than others, and I treasured getting to be along for that ride.

This book is an absolute treat full of daring heists, wholesome romances, dangerous magic, sneaky schemes, and the most delightfully dysfunctional little found family you've ever seen. I cannot recommend this one highly enough.

Edit: idk how I forgot to mention it, but this book is also hilarious. Spot on humor, A+ every time.