Slightly Spooky Fantasy

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Little Thieves is a delightfully spooky fantasy read that focuses on the goddaughter of Death and Fortune. “Adopted” by these two forces as a young child, Vanja is determined to set her own path instead of pledging herself to one of her guardians forever. But the path she’s set out on, notorious jewel their, lands her on with a curse that will slowly turn her into a giant jewel unless she can set things right.

Vanja is confident and headstrong. She manages her world of gods and magic and royalty with all the poise of a resourceful young adult, which is to say sometimes not at all and sometimes surprisingly well. She’s a good character to follow. I also really enjoyed the author’s interpretation of Death and Fortune as parental figures. It’s always enjoyable to see how broad concepts can be turned into characters in their own right. And I always love a little family love and drama mixed into my novels. Overall, a really fun read.