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A wonderful retelling of The Goose Girl, with lush imagery and vivid descriptions. I didn't know of The Goose Girl before reading this book, but was intrigued to find out more! The Goose Girl is a tale that I don't often see a retelling of, so that in itself was a treat. I loved Owens' writing style, the world that has been crafted, and the wonderful characters (and more importantly, the representation). Vanya was such an entertaining main character; you just couldn't help but love and root for her. I really loved watching her character grow and develop over the course of this book. I've also rarely seen so much representation in YA fantasy, and really appreciated it. I cannot wait for the sequel, and to see what's next for Vanya! It can't come out soon enough. I definitely understand what all the hype and buzz is about with Little Thieves!