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Heists? Morally-gray heroines? Enemies-to-lovers? Mystery? Crime-solving sleuths? AESTHETIC? YES PLEASE.

This book was a five-star read on so many levels. It was long, like really long. In hindsight, I really enjoyed that because it gave the author plenty of time to world build her complex fantasy world with complicated political relationships and more. It did not feel rushed at all. Not only was there a fair amount of political intrigue, but there was also a healthy dose of magic and gods that fueled the story. However, magic did not take over the entire story, despite most of the plot being originally fueled by Vanja's curse.
The heists and schemes pulled off in this book were Six of Crows level worthy without a doubt. The author did an amazing job of unveiling some right away, and others waiting a period of time before the grand unveiling. The amount of mystery and unknown added to the page-turning ability of this book.
The romance as well! It did not fuel the entire plot, as in to say there was still a huge amount of plot if the romance was taken out. I think this is key because it fills the story with more sustenance. Not to mention the diversity throughout this book was absolutely flawless. None of it felt forced or just put in there to add diversity, it all added to the story in one way or another.
I'll say it again but I have not read a book this good in a while. I would highly, highly, highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of YA fantasy.