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Ive always been a sucker for a good retellings so getting hands on a copy of this was magical. The setting has a gothic, mysterious, yet whimsy atmosphere. Characters driving a plot quite well through the ups and downs. The author from the couple books I’ve read does amazing work into her research for writing. And I’m applauding her taking a leap into a bit of a more lesser known fairytale. Gets readers who e maybe not read it to take a dive into the classic it’s originated in, or just at the least a super fresh story for them to curl up with.
If you’re a fan of ya, fantasy/mystery combo, fairytales heck even if you’re not into fairytales this ones not your average and can easily fall into just a fantasy for you. The world building is leading up to potential series with and arc to dive into start the pace and enjoy the ride to unravel whats soon to come.