fairytale twist

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I have always loved retellings of classic fairy tales with a twist and this is one of the best prologues I have read. I love her character
Girl with the worst luck and death and fortune as her godmothers... what could go wrong with that plot and i am not being sarcastic. the storyline, writing, plot is awesome.

the descriptions were perfect not too long not too short, just enough to imagine the characters and the story.the story feels like a traditional fairy tale with magic, curses, mystery and princess. the flashbacks were really good and helped understand the character of vanja. she grew up in a castle as a servant to Gisele and ends up impersonating her.

the book cover fits the story perfectly. it brings out the fairytale part of the story but still keeping it different from other fairy tale books. Even the names of the characters were unique and the character development of the characters were realistic and perfect.