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Margaret Owen is quickly becoming an auto-buy author for me. I loved The Merciful Crow duology and I loved her latest release, Little Thieves. Little Thieves tells the story of Vanja Schmidt, who learns the hard way that some things should not be stolen.

There are many reasons why Little Thieves is a great story. Here’s 5:

1. Morally-grey MC - I love reading stories about villains. Villains are often complex characters and Vanja is no exception. Throughout the novel, she struggles between fulfilling her own self-interests and doing what is right.
2. Diverse representation - Little Thieves is set in an LGBTQ+ inclusive world. You can expect to read about an F/M relationship between a demisexual MC and a demisexual love interest and an F/F relationship between side characters.
3. Fairytale retelling - Owen places her own creative spin on "The Goose Girl." I am not too familiar with "The Goose Girl," but I enjoyed reading a book that was based on a lesser-known fairy tale.
4. The exploration of trauma - Lately, I have been reading more books that explore how trauma impacts a person and as such, I loved that Owen did not overlook the impact of Vanja's childhood on her personality. Vanja has not had an easy life and her actions are a result of those events.
5. Heists - Vanja is a thief, so you can expect many heists in Little Thieves. If you loved Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows duology, then you will enjoy reading about Vanja and her friends' adventures.

Many thanks to BookishFirst for the final copy. All opinions are my own. I cannot wait to read how Vanja’s story continues in Painted Devils!