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Right off the bat the book starts out as a fairytale story. I am a big lover of Disney and love stories, and thought this book would be a good fit for me. The story follows a girl, the goddaughter of death and fortune, who is a maid and is trying to escape her life. She has worked for the princess and her family since she was a young child.
The book follows Vanja on her journey on how to escape her maid life. We met friends or former friends along her journey and even a love romance forms. The book really pulled me in and kept me reading. With that said, the book was abut 500 pages long, which is pretty long for a young adult book. It seemed some parts of the book were slow and I feel towards the end of the book everything happened rather quickly.
I feel like there could have been a little more action in the book, especially towards the ending. With all that said, I really enjoyed reading the story and would definitely recommend!