Absolutely loved it!

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Thank you @macmillanusa @henryholtbooks @bookishfirst for my review copy!

Vanja is only a little girl when her mother hands her over to Death and Fortune. 13 years later, she has become a thief, to try and escape her guardians. When she finds herself cursed because of her greed, she must find a way to right her wrongs before she turns into the thing she covets the most.

So this was definitely outside my comfort zone. I didn’t realize it’s a high fantasy book, which is not my normal kind of read. I’m so happy I picked it up though because I loved this book! Wow. I was totally immersed in this story and even though it’s a longer book than I normally read, I flew through it! I loved the characters. Especially Vanja. She was smart, funny, feisty, determined, just so many different things and I found myself really rooting for her.

📚Read if you enjoy fantasy, retellings, or if you want a book with a main character to root for.