A wonderful loosely based retelling

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This was an absolutely amazing book! I haven't read Margaret Owen's other books yet so I didn't know anything about the author.

The main character is very morally grey and the growth she goes through in the book is amazing. She is such a realistic character and I appreciate that. The main character goes through a lot of growth and has set backs and it all just felt like i was listening to a friend tell me their struggles.The whole cast are written so well and I love them all. I cared for each minor character because they actually felt real even without getting a ton of lines or time.

The storyline was also super interesting and is vaguely based on Goose Girl but there's so much more to it than that. I honestly haven't read the Goose Girl so I'm not sure how much it lines up with that.

The magical systems and creatures were also very creative,

I highly recommend this book for those that enjoy YA fantasy, slow burn romance, morally grey characters and a bit of found family!