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I was really looking forward to this one, because I've been in a thriller rut, and this one had been really highly rated by several of my blogger friends. Sadly, Little Darlings didn't work for me. The book starts off well enough, despite the characters not being super likable, but while the story starts off quickly, it soon plateaued and got very slow.

Additionally, I really didn't like the characters. The only one I could remotely tolerate was the detective, Harper. I enjoyed her determination to continue to work the case, even though her boss wanted her to let it go. The husband was insufferable, and there was no resolution to his storyline, which I wasn't a fan of. That brings me to my next point...

There was no resolution to anything, really. The plot included nuggets of folklore, but none of them were tied up, so the reader is left without a satisfying conclusion, or even with enough information to infer on their own what actually happened, which I found frustrating.

This book did contain themes of postpartum depression, and the anxieties that come with having a new baby to look out for, so I think people who are parents may do better with this one than I did.

I think my problem is that I went in hoping for something really creepy, dark, and twisty, and instead I got a pretty straight forward plot that I didn't find creepy at all. Clearly I just wasn't the right reader for this book, because there are tons of positive reviews all over the place.