Turn the Creep Factor Up

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Full disclosure, I read this book a while ago. However, it still sticks in my mind!
So our main character Lauren is a new mom to twins and just as every parent know, is exhausted. The book starts with her believing someone tried to steal her twins while they are a few hours old in the hospital. No one believes her as its being chalked up to PPD and also being exhausted. She still never fully feels safe even at her house and she is always afraid that some one or something is after her twins.

This book reminded me of the movie "The Changeling" but with a little bit of a twisted fairly tale mixed in. My heart broke for Lauren. I mean I sympathized with her so much as she was convinced something is wrong and no one believed her. Her husband infuriated me also.

This had just the right amount of creep factor. It will keep you guessing!