this book broke me

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This book broke my heart into a thousand little pieces. Being a mother is the hardest responsibility on this planet and loosing a child must be the most earth shattering, and for our main character Samantha, it is doubly heart breaking since no one remembers her little girl. This book is a mystery but it is such a heartbreaking one, and i recommend everyone reads this book!!! As a mother who leans HARD into the anxiety and guilt that motherhood brings, i cannot tell you how hard it was to read this book! At the same time i could not put it down, my heart was just aching for Samantha and her child, and i just was so very shocked and dismayed at the events that take place in the story and the way the supporting characters reacted and ACTED towards samantha and her predicament. It is just unbelievable and so very scary to think it could possibly happen!