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This was a wild thriller. With echoes of the creepiest of the Brothers Grimm, and the sadness of modern day post-partum depression/psychosis, this book takes readers on a ride they're not likely to soon forget. Lauren gives birth to twin boys, and with her less than useless husband chased out of the maternity ward (I guess they do things differently in England), she is left alone overnight with the twins. She ends up calling in a kidnapping attempt that is brushed off to sleepless nights, but the horrid, stinking, rotting toothed girl in black with the disgusting creatures in a basket that tried to trade her babies for Lauren's won't leave Lauren's mind and she begins to jump at shadows and see the creature everywhere once she's released to go home. Between the lack of shared responsibility from her husband, the isolation of new motherhood, and her complete lack of rest, Lauren is completely exhausted and it's really no wonder. Her "husband" (uck, if it's not apparent, Ihatehim) urges her to -get out of the house babycakes, the fresh air will really do you some good eeehhhhh - , you know what would really have done her some good? You changing some d*mn diapers. You doing the grocery shopping yourself. You taking the babies so SHE COULD SLEEP. FFS.

Anyway. She leaves the house, falls asleep in the park, her babies get taken, and everything goes downhill from there. A detective that is willing to give her more than the benefit of the doubt takes on her case and stays fairly close to her side from there on. The only thing I wish had been done slightly differently was a little more detail to the post partum side of the things. Nearly the entire book was devoted to building up the supernatural side of things, which I understand, the author wants the reader left guessing, but I think we could have really understood what Lauren was going through, the mental health side of things, and what was discovered on the 999 (911) call if more detail had been given during the chapters inside the psychiatric unit about post partum depression. I think that was a vital aspect of the book that was left out.

Other than that, this was a really good read. From what I understand the movie rights have already been bought, and I hope they do the book justice. It was riveting.