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Motherhood at Its Creepiest!

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As a first time mother of twin boys who are now eight months old, how could I not request and devour this book? At times I thought it was the best idea I'd ever had and at others, I was so creeped out, I thought I'd made a huge mistake.
Overall, I enjoyed the experience, even when it did hit a little too close to home. I could relate so closely to the depiction of new motherhood - the rewards and yet, the loneliness. The determination and yet, the sense of foreboding. For that portrayal, I feel like this is an important book though it does seek and succeeds to entertain as well.
The atmosphere was haunting. I was engrossed in this story, but one could wonder if that was due to the similarities to my own life. As such, I am a little haunted after reading it!