Loved it!

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I love fairy tale retellings, especially when they have a supernatural twist. This book was dark and creepy, it kept me on my toes throughout the whole time. I was going back and forth between the audiobook and the ebook, and let me tell you the audiobook was amazing. There came times when I was so creeped out with the narration I had to stop and go back to the ebook. I really like the pacing of this book, how the author layed out the crumbs of the story and unfolded the mystery. The story just got more intense the more I got into it, it is every mothers worst nightmare come to life. Lauren, the main protagonist is a new mother of twins suffers from post partum depression, we see her start to question herself between what's real and what's not, becoming the most unreliable character, or is she ;) I am looking forward to reading more from Melanie Golding :)