Little Darlings Review

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4.5, thanks to audibles new catalog finally got to read this book!!!

This book is so creepy not gonna lie! like ahhh! Don't read this book before you go to sleep....or if youre pregnant :0 this is a book i wouldn't mind re-reading eventually, in like a a year when i can get my hands on it again lmao

The characters are really great, the story is for the most part great and terrifying, easily one of the creepiest books i've read this year and would totally recommend to others!

i've wanted to read this book ever since i first saw the cover on good reads, and after reading the description i just knew this book would be interesting, totally right up my alley, and it was so hard for me to out it down it was so great lol plan on buying this book one day as well too, it will definitely have a spot on my favorites shelf!! Great read, wish id have read it sooner!!!