How 30 pages can have you looking over your shoulder ...

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After enduring a reading slump due to health reasons, I am getting back in the game and reading a few books right now - including one to review here, in February, right before the book's release (and I am loving it!). Recently, wanting something "creepy" to read, I started a book with many good reviews attached to it that fit the bill; am about 35 pages in, and it's well-written and intriguing.

But having just read the first 31 pages of LITTLE DARLINGS, I am blown over by the difference a mere 30 pages can make! I sit here in my room, all the lights on, creeped out over the final scene alone ... although from the first few pages I knew something wasn't right in the lives of these new parents, let alone their newborn twins.

'Little Darlings' took me back to classic horror like 'Rosemary's Baby' and 'The Omen' - a seemingly normal set-up where in which you're reading blissfully along until you slowly realize something ... isn't ... quite ... right ... here, something sharp and bony tickling your lower back, the uneasiness growing and tension building in small doses, each incident making the hairs on your neck stand a bit straighter.

I wasn't 100% sure of 'Little Darlings' at first, but can one thing: any novel that can creep me out this badly by page 30 is a novel I find myself desperate to finish. It's the best horror scenario; you don't wan't to know who this creepy woman is, you do NOT want to take a peek at her children, and you most DEFINITELY do not want to know what she demands of Lauren and hew own newborn boys.

The first 31 pages of 'Little Darlings' are unsettling, explicit, and haunting, and if the rest of the novel is anywhere close it could surely rest up there with Ira Levin, William Peter Blatty, Robert Bloch - shoot, there's already a hint of Lovecraft to it. Had every nerve ending on edge only to reach the cliffhanger dash for the hospital john ... so please, BookishFirst, don't make me wait until April to read the rest!!