Way different than what I thought it was

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I have to go on a mini rant about how much I hated this book. Which is very surprising because even if I don’t like a book or DNF one I cannot remember a time recently when a book rubbed me the wrong way like this one did. The sneak peek didn’t really peek my interest but then I became excited the more I read. The main character is a huge bookworm. Oh sign me up for this! Tatum and I could be best friends.

Sadly though I was way off base with what this book was actually about. Spoilers but in this case it’s needed. It turns out that Tatum is obsessed with one book “Like Happiness” and the books author Mateo Dominguez. I can identify with Tatum in that respect. I love and admire many of my favorite authors too.

The situation between Tatum and Mateo though was entirely different it was an obsessive one. Even creepier than that? Tatum was young-way younger than Mateo. The dynamic between the two of them was just weird. Her an obsessive creepy fan - while he was an older “famous” author who was flattered that a much younger fan was interested in him.

It turned sexual briefly and then when he semi rejects her she in a round about way pines for him for over a decade. All the while being an insufferable snot to everyone in her life. Tatum was not a like able character. She a was arrogant brat who thought she was a genius. I read this in one sitting and hated every part of it.