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This book quickly became one that I could not put down. There was something about the author's writing style that I found enjoyable and easy to read. I also found the dynamic between Tatum and Mateo to keep me enthralled in the story, even if i disliked Mateo. My favorite part about this book was that it went back and forth between the present day and a glimpses of the past through a letter written by Tatum. It was nice knowing that Tatum does get her happy ending. The thing that kept me turning the pages was how she got there. She seemed so far off from this happy ending that I had to know how she eventually ended up in Chile with her partner. I enjoyed the literary and artistic references as I myself enjoy both reading and art history. I was so glad I received a copy of this book because many of the scenes hit a little close to home and it was just what I needed to deal with those things and put them behind me. Overall, I think this will be a formative book for me.