Like Happiness is a much needed read!

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I do not need to finish this one to know it's a five-star read. Of course, I will be finishing this one, because it's a five star read. I am pulled in immediately by the narration, by the protagonist narrating her story to another character as opposed to us readers. She needs her story to be heard by him. She needs her story to be told to us.
Tatum's story is the kind that people need. Not just the character to whom she's narrating, but to the real people too. There are just some stories out there that radiate with humans, and this is one that will be radiating with me for a very long time. It isn't just they way the story is told, it is what the story is about. Being a woman. But more than that. Being a human. We're all humans in this world, and we're all fighting to survive. Some of us go through the same kinds of stories. I believe this is the kind of story I have gone through before.