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A beautiful and emotionally wrought novel about a toxic, obsessive relationship between a young woman and an acclaimed author. Part coming of age, part missive on the beauty of stories and seeing yourself within them. The writing was exquisite and poetic.
This book is a really touching and poignant coming of age story.
I started the book on audiobook and finished reading it in book form and I liked the book better than the audiobook. I thought the narrator did a good job trying to bring Tatum to life, but she is a complicated character and I liked the voice I gave her better.
The book takes place in two parts or timelines the present tense in 2015 and as a letter Tatum writes outlining her relationship with her friend and well known author M. Dominguez. Tatum fell in love with M. Dominguez's first book, a collection of short stories about Latino people which was the first she saw herself represented in literature. Almost finished with her degree but not enjoying her small school in Massachusetts she writes a fan letter and to her surprise it is answered. What follows was hard to read at times because Tatum put her life on hold in hopes Mateo would see her at some point. In 2015 she is contacted by a reporter after a young woman raises an allegation about Mateo. Tatum is initially resistant to an interview, but she ends up giving one and more so reflecting on her own experiencing and letting herself have closure.