Love how each journey is unique

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~This book's cover was really amazing and the art inside is just as appealing. Each artist journey and advice is so unique I started taking notes for motivation in my own life. Def recommend as a self-help book but the reading are also full of vibes and culture to encourage the reader to go chase their dreams <3 <3 <3

~The author Grant Brydon does an excellent job of interviewing each artist. tbh I want to see him in action because I love editing and social history so his work on this book to capture the hip-hop culture is very inspirational in itself.

~Covering mental well being in this book was another aspect that I thought was very pivotal because there is so much stigma surrounding mental health. Normalizing therapy and communication around mental health is helpful to all communities so I was happy to see it here when rap and hip-hop can be very Machismo...