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I'm going to be honest....I just had to have it. I almost didn't care how it read, I just wanted the book. It falls in line with a style that suits my household. Hip hop, and the rappers/singers of that genre giving quotes and thoughts to experiences. I have young adult children and they love and respect many of the rappers and singers mentioned in here so of course I was interested in getting my hands on this book.

Not disappointed with my choice. This book is a well done and artfully created piece of work. Simple but vibrant design. A great gift option. Format is appealing. And it's not some complicated cheesy read. It's got substance but it's done in a way that is easy to follow, interesting enough to remember, and overall, a good experience to read. I like the artists that were selected. I enjoyed the commentary that they shared about their life experiences and their thoughts on that particular subject. The topics discussed are thought provoking and relatable. It shares with us a level of positivity and heart felt thoughts that we don't typically see from artists of this music genre when they are outside of their music. It puts away all the bling and dazzling aspects of who we think they are and gets to the heart of the matter. It's refreshing.

Highly recommend. Also, I highly recommend you gift this book to those that love this genre of music.