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Initially I thought this was just going to be another YA book about young love and teens in odd relationships but I was so wrong as it really lives up to all the hype! Four teens: a budding actress, a young skateboarder, a shy and secretive introvert, and an entitled young woman determined to have her way. What is their connection and how are the secrets they may harbor bound to interfere in their young lives?
Gabe and Sasha break up over her controlling nature. Elyse tries out for the school play and lands the role of Juliet under the direction of her handsome drama teacher, Mr. Hunter. Catherine is always reading and shies away from peer relationships until Gabe continues to break through her frosty exterior.
But nothing is ever what it seems and the shocking secrets will blow your mind when you discover the truth! I loved this one and will pass it on to my friends!