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Lies You Never Told Me had just enough suspense to keep it unpredictable, and there was a clever plot twist thrown in to make it worth the read.
Much of the ironic beauty of this book is revealed through perspective. Everything changes depending upon whose eyes you see it through. Author Jennifer Donaldson parades her characters through all kinds of Fatal Attraction drama, but through the narrative, the reader discovers the truth behind the veil. It makes the story so interesting, because it would all be okay if ____. Fill in the blank: (a) Gabe told his parents what was going on. (b) Sasha wasn’t such a freak. (c) Catherine opened up about her story. Take your pick! I correctly guessed some of the ending, but was still surprised by how it all panned out.

There were lots of disturbing elements to Lies You Never Told Me. First, the creepy pedophile teacher makes me squeamish. Ewww, but sadly it’s something that shows up on the news all too frequently. Next, the drug addict mom hits a little close to home. Finally, there’s the cliche manipulative girlfriend who just doesn’t seem to have all her marbles. There are many other weird topics that get lumped together, making this a truly unbelievable story. Still, that stretch of the imagination is partly what makes teen fiction enjoyable.

Lies You Never Told Me gave me a bit of insight into the teen mind. It made me consider how much kids need their parents, even when they’re not good parents. It also reminded me that sometimes we have no idea what’s going on in our kids’ lives — which is kind of scary! It’s a page-turner, and I read it in less than five hours.