Twisty elite private school thriller

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Jessica Goodman is a master of YA thrillers set in the world of east coast wealth and privilege and The Legacies continues her winning streak. The Legacy Club in New York City draws six members a year from the senior classes of the most elite private high schools. Admission to this secretive club is coveted as the members have influence, connections and power. The story takes place over a week, alternating between the night of the glamourous Legacy Ball, where a body has been discovered, and the events following the announcement of the selected students. There are three points of view: Bernie and Isobel, two privileged girls, and Tori, a scholarship student and outsider, all who have been selected for the Legacy Club.
As Legacy Week progresses, secrets both old and new are uncovered and motives are revealed. The alternating points of view add to the suspense and plot development. The Legacies is a fast-paced novel, twisty, entertaining and hard to put down. Thank you to BookishFirst for a copy to review.