Twisty and compelling

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There is something about the books that Jessica Goodman writes that makes it really hard to put them down. I can usually finish them in a day and I like how they are standalones. This was another of her books that I devoured and I think it was well done. Nicely twisty in learning about the characters, from Bernie, to Isobel, Skylar and, Tori, as the past was just as important as the present in this book. It was twisty also in trying to figure who had ended up dead at the ball and why it happened. After figuring that out, I was also very satisfied that it was that person who so very much deserved it. And those who had been wronged (some very long ago) were given their due. Especially when the ones who had to pay were the rich and connected. Nice to see them getting their comeuppance.

I think I will probably read every book that Jessica Goodman writes and will enjoy each one for their twists and compelling stories.