So much drama…and I loved it!

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Gossip Girl with a little bit of dark academia.

You have Isobel, the artsy free spirited in denial addict. She’s keeping secrets. Bernie, the perfect it girl, clueless to all the secrets, and Tori, the queer outsider scholarship kid, with secrets of her own.

Add in boy drama, absentee parents, extreme wealth, a secret social club and a murder; and you got yourself a delicious mystery.

I appreciated the short chapters and the different view points each gave you of the situation. After reading one, you think you got it all figured out, and then you read the next and realize how much you really didn’t know after all.

The characters were well developed and unique enough that the different point of views weren’t a retractor and never became confusing. You always could tell who was the character based on the environment and their inner thoughts.

I would highly recommend this if you’re looking for a salacious YA mystery with just enough twists to keep you satisfied.