Loved this scandalous look into the uber-wealthy!

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Another juicy scandalous piece of fiction about the 0.1%’s children and their entitled lives. I’m here for it!

Opening late the evening of the Legacy Ball, someone had died. Sounds like it could be a scandalous death. Suspicious? Read it and see. Flipping from present day to the week prior to the Ball, and following three primary characters, this is another look at just how far connections and privilege gets you in life.

Looking in at the events of the week before the Ball (the capstone event of a highly prestigious Legacy Club initiation…which is by invite only, and you can only be invited by a specific set of members…), it’s astonishing to me the lengths the ultra-rich go to to preserve both their traditions and appearances. Wow!

Highly recommend this entertaining read if you like drama, scandal, gossip, or even just luxurious places.