Loaded with mystery

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I have loved all of this author’s books and was super excited for this one too. Like so excited that I stayed up till midnight to grab it with my BookishFirst points. I enjoyed the book but it felt slower to kick in than her other books. There was literally a mysterious dead body mentioned on page one, so it’s not that it didn’t start with a bang. But maybe pulling back to the timeline that started a few days before the death slowed the storyline’s pace a bit. I can’t put my finger on it, I’m only trying to explain why this earned a lower star rating from me. Beyond saying it took a little while to get into the plot, I’m not sure what to add. Perhaps it was a bit less exciting.

Anyway. Onward and upward. It was still an enjoyable book.

When a book starts with a mystery dead body we immediately have two questions as the reader:
1)Who died?
2)What happened?

This book centers around a short exclusive, very elite club called The Legacy Club.
If you make it into the Legacy club you’re basically set for life. The irony being, most people who get selected are already set for life.

This year is different. This year an “outsider” has been selected.

Meet three newly selected members and our main characters:

Bernie-the daughter of Esther and Rafe Kaplan. Very wealthy. Always gives off the right impression.
Isobel-the angsty artist. Also wealthy, best friends with Bernie and a bit of a wild card due to her substance issues.
Tori-daughter of diner owners. Not wealthy. The scholarship student.

This year, things are different when the scholarship student gets chosen. Tori is the only one who actually needs to win the $25,000 prize given to one new member.

There are secrets basically everywhere in this book. Where is Bernie’s mom? Why has she disappeared? What’s happened to change Isobel to much? Why did Tori get picked? Who picked Tori?

Lots of secrets to unravel throughout the story.

The ultimate reveal of who died and why might have been a little anticlimactic but I was glad that it wasn’t a character that I liked more :)

Will be looking forward to thus author’s next book.