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I have read every book by this author. They Wish They Were Us, They'll Never Catch Us, and the Counselors. It has been slowly going downhill since they wish they were us. I probably should have stopped at the counselors. If you're new to young adult thrillers, or you just REALLY like the genre, I would still recommend this. I just feel like I've been reading the same young adult thrillers over and over, and this one didn't even capture my attention. This book is told in a few different point of views, mostly from Tori, Bernie and Isobel. Tori is your scholarship student that doesn't belong there like Bernie and Isobel popular queen bees. There's a lot of secretes involving a murder, and the three's stories are intertwined. I liked the way the story was laid out, and it was an easy, fast read. I don't think I liked the private school setting here